Electrical Vibrant Green : a Review of Byredo Open Sky

Open Sky

The Swedish house of Byredo updated their portfolio with a limited edition perfume for men and women, named Open Sky.

Byredo is by far the number one in Scandinavia in both quantities of their products and their quality. They are cool and it happens to lure me every time a new perfume hits, but I have no logical explanation why I haven’t had a Byredo in my collection, ever!

Open Sky

Byredo Open Sky leaves it all up to your preferences. The perfume ticks all the boxes and you should check whether if the scent itself suits your expectations or not. It’s like a diet full of vegetables, without any animalic source.

It’s gonna be quick. The fragrance opens with a vibrant electrical green/grey impression of an aroma that takes you to a full-green forest after you took some magic mushroom!

The type of greenness suggests a hefty amount of pomelo with all its peel bitterness set in, and then it gradually grows towards a weedy, woody, peppery ambiance.

It’s vibrant and acidic like you feel its taste at the bottom of your throat. Fresh, so fresh, cold like a breeze passing by post-rain pine trees, and so alive in all aspects, like the elements are just harvested from land near a riverbank.

The vetiver, sweet and smoky, all the way through the scent gives it a petroleum-like smoke that is indeed the winner of the fragrance.

All in all, Open Sky is not a unique fragrance for me. If you excavate the world of indies and perfumes that are not known to the public, you will find many relatives to Open Sky. Just what I have in memory to name: Eau de Froehliche No. 3 by Erik Kormann.

Open Sky