Warm Sweet Amber : a Review of Xerjoff Decas


I received a sample of Decas by the Italian luxury house of Xerjoff. Decas is the fourth member of XJ 1861 collection which was once started by Renaissance in 2011.

Decas is an Oriental Floral fragrance with priority of mandarine, vanilla, benzion, and resins, on a tuberose throne.


If you’re a fan of floral fragrances that share both sexes at its equal, then this perfume gets probably on your fragrance radar.

Analyzing the perfume from the top to the the end, it opens with a fizzy tropical bubblegum mandarin showing a remarkable cocktail-like sweetness, plus a piercing fruity quality reminiscent of peach and apricot. I must admit I’m not sure if the fruits do really exist but concealed, or it’s just on the suggestion of a registered olfactory identity.

Anyhow, whether they do exist or not, the scent appears to have a considerable amount of lactonic fruits to reamplify the effect of orris root with a touch of extra powder, and gives it an initial boost for a richer oriental base.

The oriental side is based on the elements that bear a bold signature of Xerjoff with tobacco, sweet vanilla, and tuberose. The elements appear with omnipresence and strong tenacity.

All in all, Decas is a little bit different from XJ 1861 perfumes. It’s more inclined to Velvet Collection of Xerjoff (fka Sospiro). For example, if you like Erba Pura, you would definitely like Decas.


You would also be a fan of Decas if you have feelings for Pulp and Mojave Ghost by Byredo, Layton and Layton Exclusif by Parfums de Marly, and Side Effect by Initio.