Old Habit Things, New World : a Review of Nishane Unutamam


I was at the Sheraton Hotel construction site in Kazakhstan that a post arrived from Turkey including two perfumes from NISHANE; one was Ani and the other one UNUTAMAM.

I had this perfume just when it was hitting the market but truth to be told, UNUTAMAM is not a perfume I write down a review immediately, so I held it till now to first digest the scent and then make a comment. I needed my mood, weather, and everything set in a proper syzygy to focus on it in a just way to not get my tongue tie.

Shortly to say this is way different from all Nishane perfumes: quite daring, new, and margin-pushing.

Unutamam is a different case from all other works of Nishane. A brave act, IMHO, that barely one luxury house with a settled business approach. All the elements of this fragrance perform with an unpolished raw texture that is the olfactory equivalence of a face no mother could really love! Take it as my compliment, cause such an artistic idea needs such wild characteristics to match the sensations.

In the beginning, an unidentifiable floral nuance bursts out wholly merged into a prominent dose of aromatics. Mint, oregano, juniper, rosemary, plus lavender appear like they’re in extract density, displaying their icy camphorous accord.

There is also a rubbery tone in the opening that promises an animalic base with a naphthalene-like odor that evokes curiosity to the god level. However, to get to the costureum it has to pass through a passage of jasmine and carnation towards the base. And in the base you face a breath-like warmth rising from castoreum and vanilla.


The whole composition acts like an Oriental Fougere fragrance. It is original and old-fashion and reminiscent of the past. It’s a good leathery fragrance to go with in autumn if you like your leather to be kinky.

UNUTAMAM doesn’t represent a gender, but it is certain in age, mood, and character since the scent is bold with enormous longevity and projection.

As it is placed in the Experimental Collection of the brand, the scent is indeed an experimental work, quite near to indies and far from any crowd-pleasing release. Therefore, think twice before you blind buy. This is not a perfume for everyone and every mood. And this is not a perfume you happen to forget!