Saturday, January 28, 2023


    Old Habit Things, New World : a Review of Nishane Unutamam

    I was at the Sheraton Hotel construction site in Kazakhstan that a post arrived from Turkey including two perfumes from NISHANE; one was Ani...

    Electrical Vibrant Green : a Review of Byredo Open Sky

    The Swedish house of Byredo updated their portfolio with a limited edition perfume for men and women, named Open Sky.Byredo is by far the...

    Stay Cool This Summer : a Review of NISHANE EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ

    Every summer holiday one of my biggest excitements is which perfume to pick to cheer me up under July sun and pair nicely with...

    Warm Sweet Amber : a Review of Xerjoff Decas

    I received a sample of Decas by the Italian luxury house of Xerjoff. Decas is the fourth member of XJ 1861 collection which was...

    Myrtles and Salty Water : Profumum Roma AQUA di SALE

    Acqua di Sale is the most realistic marine frag ever. Simple, yet embellished enough to charm out. Room-filling sillage and strident endurance.

    The Gold of Bodies : a Review of Shalini Vanille Reve

    VANILLE REVE is a floral and oriental fragrance with a cooling spicy opening and gilded tropical vanilla main theme. It's mandatory if you appreciate vanilla.

    Niche is Dead : a Review of Musk Therapy by Initio

    So another perfume from Initio hits the market named Musk Therapy. Simple as it's named, the fragrance in a straightforward scent with musky and...

    Duel of Two Fragrances for White Style

    Puredistance WHITE and Grossmith AMELIA are chosen for a duel for white spring/summer feminine style.