Myrtles and Salty Water : Profumum Roma AQUA di SALE

acqua di sale

It’s mid-August noon in a village by the Mediterranean sea, umbrellaed by an azure sky without chemtrails. Lazy sea waves lay down and make pebbles snore. You’re alone with your full consciousness set to the surrounding in a solitary walk under the blades of a frying sun.

Pavements are melting, salty water smells brighter, the sea breeze blows straighter, and cicadas chirp reamplified. Then suddenly the solitude is interrupted by an instant presence of a peculiar floralcy emerging from a giant bush of myrtles that gives an unexpected landmark to the village’s vista.

This is what I get from Acqva di Sale by Profvmvm Roma. Let me turn the V to U during this review.

acqua di sale

Acqua di Sale is by far the most realistic marine perfume ever seen. A composition of salty air, sweet gummy floralcy, metallic green, and soothing woodsy base.

Let us begin by setting the record straight regarding the question of myrtle in Acqua di Sale that is the definition of peculiar and makes the scent the most original take on Mediterranean vibe ever. Sea foams, briny smell of the air, hill pines, and elemi or mastic are repeatedly perceived in aquatic perfumes to emerge the soothing azure of the seascape, but barely one noticed giant myrtle bushed around Mediterranean villages. The nose here did.

acqua di sale

There in the opening, I also feel some aromatics like a camphorous mint, cloves, and something burnt and overpowering that transforms into a woodsy base.

The whole adventure then sets down into a tone of cedarwood and forms one of the most different aquatics ever; not only in my opinion. It is inarguably fresh, diffusive, and distinctive. It’s edgy enough to make you want to read Moby Dick, and at the same time, jovial enough to make you buy a flight ticket and pack your seaside stuff. But this is an inevitable fact that some cannot tolerate such margin-touching frags.

This fragrance is simple in composition but hits the nail. Room-filling sillage and notable endurance is another characteristic that makes it a win-win pretentious aquatic.

acqua di sale