Niche is Dead : a Review of Musk Therapy by Initio

musk therapy

So another perfume from Initio hits the market named Musk Therapy. Simple as it’s named, the fragrance in a straightforward scent with musky and delightful sugar-infused fruits and yummy citrus.

I’m not sure if I’m a fan of this kind of polite musky perfumes or not, but I, for sure, enjoy the smells, since they have no offense.

The first impression was something quite springy, sugary fruity, and nicely musky that gives the impression of eating marshmallows in a coffee mug somewhere above clouds!

musk therapy

Initio Musk Therapy is a delightful and subtle musky fruity perfume. “A magical mood enhancer that paves the way to inner peace.”

So it opens on my skin with a rapid boost of energy charged with sweet (or let me say sweetened) mandarin and black currant that is, just from the beginning, polished by a touch of sheer musk. The musk appears more than a nuance with a great impact on the main theme.

The level of sweetness is nicely measured, so is the volume of citrus/black currant. And the musky side is neither soapy nor laundry-smelling. It’s fluffy like a feather and comfy like the other side of the pillow.

Musk Therapy is a perfume to with when you want to have a good mood and share the wellness around. It’s safe, quite wearable, casual and friendly, welcoming and buoyant.

One thing to mention is that Musk Therapy is highly reminiscent of D&G The One For Men 2008. With more mandarin and free of ginger, it gives me the same vibe of The One’s cocooning warmth. More accurate to say, it’s the child of D&G The One and Guerlain Mandarine Basilic marriage.

The niche trend is several lightyears away from what it was supposed to be when established in the ’70s. The artistic side of perfumery that was in front of mass-market is now merged with its confronter! You see a nice juice from a mainstream release massively cloned by so-called niche brands and sold at double price.

I don’t say it’s necessarily bad or good. It is what it is, but it approves that innovation is over for a large part of the niche market. So successful mainstream fragrances may be the only recourses. They are made to sell, after all!