Stay Cool This Summer : a Review of NISHANE EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ


Every summer holiday one of my biggest excitements is which perfume to pick to cheer me up under July sun and pair nicely with the azure seascape of Ege (it’s Turkish for Aegean sea). I want my perfume to be soothing, as well as classy to go with my evening vacation style.

So I discovered one of the latest releases by Nishane named EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ which is a tribute to the Aegean sea of Greece and Turkey. The perfume is cooling aromatic and marine with lavish spicy nuances. The nose behind the scent is Mr. Ilias Ermenidis.


EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ is a fresh aromatic and marine perfume with lavish spicy nuances that’s the olfactory equivalence of a panorama shut towards white and blue seascape of Aegean villages. The perfume encapsulates all the Aegean culture, cuisine, lifestyle, and sea breeze in a bottle.

When I first discovered Nishane they released a collection of 16 perfumes, each refers to a specific composition; oud, tuberose, chocolate, etc. By their unflagging effort the portfolio enlarged, so as the innovation. Consequently, Nishane reaches a pinnacle where settled luxury meets temerity.

EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ is one of them. Not a typical aquatic fragrance to go with a t-shirt and slipper! It’s pure class in casual style.


The fragrance opens with so vibrant fresh green/marine vibe, reminiscent of freshly chopped cucumbers and ground tiny mints and basils, and a squeeze of yuzu, all garnished with anise and violet leaves. It’s an instant impact of freshness that wedges through the summer heat with tangy, bright, sea-smelling cooling weather.

Anise and licorice are the focal points of the journey. Turks and Greeks maintain many common intangible heritages, one of which is an anise/licorice-based spirit name Rakı / Ouzo (Turkish and Greek terms for the booze).

Anise and licorice, without getting intense in olfactory characteristics, appear to amplify the whole composition in a way to make EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ quite an extraordinary heat remedy. Ummm! It’s damn gorgeous like an ice-full homemade mojito! It’s nothing one can neglect.