That Old Faithful Vibe of a Barbershop: MDCI Le Barbier de Tanger


I believe Le Barbier de Tanger is a focal point in the portfolio of Parfums MDCI, where the house starts to amaze the younger generation with a modern classic/sport choice.

Most of their works display palatial opulence and some of them are classical gems that deserve to survive to the next century. However, this one is exceptional.

Le Barbier de Tanger is a masculine fragrances with authentic barbershop ambiance and clean and crisp fresh fougère air.

The fragrance uncorks with a bucketful of a familiar strong spicy accord of cardamom, a citrus compilation (bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, and ripe tangerine) that reminds you of the past. It accelerates by basil and clean marine note which itself keeps joints between classic 80-90’s aromatic fougères and contemporary sport fruity aquatic masculines.

A fresh, metallic, and sharp like razor lavender joins the club and here you are! This is what you wear when you’re driving a convertible E Type 1961 Jaguar.

le barbier de tanger
Image taken from Google Images

Le Barbier de Tanger is a masculine fragrances with authentic barbershop ambiance and clean and crisp fresh fougère air. It takes you back to the glory of the 80’s and 90’s fresh air, as well as it registers for modern ambiance.

Le Barbier de Tanger is a mandatory fragrance every gentleman and whoever obsesses with face-shaving should own a bottle.

The lavender brings a fresh piercing mood to the citrus top which reminds me of Chanel Platinum Égoïste with extra double lavender. This is the core of the fragrance which immediately emerges what Anne-Sophie Behaghel – the nose behind this creation – aimed for: a true barbershop aroma and an easy-going sartorialist aromatic fougère.

The base of Le Barbiere de Tanger meets fully masculine air with more woody and green notes. Oakmoss, vetiver, amber accord, and patchouli remarked for a decent and quintessential amenity for the art of face-shaving.

Made by French, but it evokes an English tailor-made mood. For some aspects, it reminds me of Invasion Barbare but it indeed is younger, more common and frequent, more sporty (while Invasion Barbare’s trouser crease cuts like a dagger), and brighter.

In terms of style, Le Barbier de Tanger could be a synonym for a golf court or a polo match, not watching football with a plastic pint of dead beer in hand!

The fragrance has considerable longevity and soft medium sillage on my skin that keeps frenzy cardamom and lavender close to me in a private boundary.

le barbier de tanger