Luscious and retro-chic: Tom Ford Lost Cherry

lost cherry

For me, Lost Cherry was a turning point that made me interested once again in Tom Ford’s creations. Ford wants to make a long-lasting, projecting, vibrant, extraordinary fragrance and nothing can stop him. He does it the way he wants. And Lost Cherry is one of them.

The other fact I adore about his work is that he’s not in the “making perfume to accompany fashion” business that most designers do. Perfume is about style, and fashion is fashion. “Fashions fade, style is eternal”.

I don’t believe in the customer telling you what they want. I think you tell the customer what they need” This is how he has built a stupendous business. 


Lost Cherry is a full-bodied composition. A flawless oriental gourmand with boozy, syrupy, and floral decorations, that shares innocence and indulgence at once.

Lost Cherry is a 2018 fall release. It is, by far, what the industry has lacked for years. An oriental gourmand with boozy, floral, and syrupy nuances. It is intense and bold.

The opening bursts forth with a prominent liquor smell of fleshy cherries and a touch of spiky bitter almond. It captures the classic perfection of almond and jammy aroma that glistens over the entire opening.

It’s delicate, luscious, and insatiable and in a way, it reminds me of some other fragrances. A bit to Qom Chilom by SHL 777 for its cherry liquor quality, a bit to Secretion Magnifique by Etat Libre d’Orange for God knows why, and a bit to Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford for the tonka bean and woodsy melange both perfumes share in dry down.

However, it greatly reminds me of Givenchy’s outstanding masculine gourmand: PI.


The opening is the focal point of this fragrance because all you need to know about Lost Cherry is presented at the top. I hesitate to say “top” cause it begins all the way deep and settled as it starts with its heart layer.

It progresses with more cherry for the main identity, and unexpectedly adds Turkish rose and jasmine for its voluptuous soul. Further, sandalwood, and Peru balsam, and tonka bean, give the perfume its lustful characteristics. It’s a virgin harlot! Quite provocative and straightforward to the function and the style.

lost cherry
The style says it all

Great performance on my skin. It plays for hours and hours. Great sillage too. It displays nicely without spoiling from skin to air.

Lost Cherry takes its roots from the past, but it’s a modern composition. It’s like a retro/chic design, music, and lifestyle. It’s delicate and youthful, and it’s nostalgic like The Great Gatsby and Lana del Rey’s song on that movie.

lost cherry