Vibrant citrus, oozing honey: Tom Ford Soleil Brulant

soleil brulant

Tom Ford Beauty pops up with a new member to its Soleil collection, named Soleil Brulant that shares the same characteristics of summer sun and suntan lotion the other perfumes of the series own.

The collection has begun in 2016 with Orchid Soleil and immediately developed a cult following 

Pure confession #1: I don’t like the previous Soleil fragrances at all. However, Soleil Brulant has at least intrigued me and made me interested.

Pure confession #2: the feedback I got made me rather interested. They seemingly wanted to capture a perfume that leaves a great impact with just a whiff. Mission successful!

soleil brulant

Soleil Brulant is a vibrant combination of sour citrus and sweet amber in a way that conceives the imagination of sun-tanned skin and the comfy warmth of summer evening.

By the very first whiff, I was confused for what I was smelling was not pairing the elements of the top notes in the official press.

The top notes leap out with a burst of energy in a roughly mixed way that no element is surely discernible. It is like some savory-smelling key-note is deliberately concealed, but it wrings through the concoction all the way down and greatly impacts all the elements from the top to the toe. This unknown DNA is a multi-faceted thing with spicy hot, creamy, earthy, sour citric, and vaguely floral facets.

And this is bulky enough to eclipse the luminous citrus, pink pepper, orange blossom, and oozing honey. The result of this clash perceives the image of an unwashed tanned skin scented by something highly refreshing and vibrant in citrus that resonates until the end.

The base is constructed upon amber and woodsy elements. A milky, loud earthiness and intense silkiness are waiting for you.

Tom Ford Soleil Brulant fragrance demands hours and hours of patience to settle down, cause this is a truly long-lasting juice. It sits for over 24 hours with the first two hours of enormous projection. We consider this a winning characteristic, but the scent itself is too much of too many things that are knitted intricately to make the impact without bothering to make the point. Although I should declare this is a new and unique type of scent.

Yes, Tom Ford Soleil Brulant leaves the impact there immediately. With no exception, I got whole positive and encouraging compliments that were pushing me to order a bottle just for the love of getting compliments 🙂

Soleil Brulant