Wearability Meets Innovation : Comme des Garcons Rouge


The Japanese/French house of Comme des Garcons adds a new pebble-like bottle named Rouge. It always takes a certain bravery to try something new from the house.

They are trend-wise although they’re renegades of fashion and niche perfumery. Rouge is a fragrance that grabbed cult interest before even actually hitting the market.

Every time I venture out to try a new Comme des Garcons perfume, expecting to discover yet another amazingly absurd thing, I am stunned by how wearable and how innovative – at the same time – that perfume turns out to be.

Comme des Garcons is the very definition of avant-garde, uncommon, and peculiar. It needs guts and demands so many requirements and effort to entrench such achievements and give a shock value to what the fashion industry and perfumery have already established.


Red is a voluptuous color that triggers romance, charm, and wealth in a perfumer. Here in Rouge red is for beetroots! Something that you would never imagine in anything but a grandma-made homey healthy soup!

Rouge opens with the mere smell of something highly reminiscent of beetroot that is rich in minerals and iron smell, plus ginger and pink pepper, and soft touch of menthol air.

It’s just like beets, but not cooked. It’s pure, sugarless, freshly cut, and raw beetroot that its bloody juice stain the knife. This is super intriguing with such unfamiliarity that has barely been seen in perfumery. And it gets even more intriguing when the incense joins this vegetal main theme.


Rouge by Comme des Garcons is a perfume that brings wearability and convention-defying innovation together with an intriguing rich smell of beetroot and incense.

If you enjoy the smell of incense in Kyoto by CdG and 7 by Loewe, you would fall in love with Rouge badly. The incense is just the same as the two named fragrances. The final accord is a major incense-fused safely metallic, beetroot plus pleasant pepperiness.

You may struggle to put Rouge on the masculine or feminine side. It’s not unisex, it’s genderless. It’s unable to mark for a gender.

Rouge has a good performance on my skin. I like the way it makes my wife crazy to smell it on me! She truly loves it. I got the best compliment ever from her so no doubt, in my shopping basket.