An Epitome of Jasmine : A Review of Bruno Acampora Jasmin T


The review you are reading is about Burno Acampora’s tribute to jasmine and it’s named Jasmin T in oil concentration. This is one outstanding jasmine bomb. I tried this gem for the first time a couple of years ago, when I started to change many things in my life and lifestyle. Even my taste for foods and perfumes. That was a terrific meet with this perfume and I welcomed it since I was in the mood for new things for new me.

Bruno Acampora is a house of perfumery from Napoli, not Firenze or Milano. The name is charming enough to trigger one’s curiosity. 

Jasmin T. opens dense, full-bodied, a bit camphorous, fleshy, and way natural with resolute animality. Natural like its absolute is obtained in a traditional method in an Italian village that includes a lovely percent of impurity and improvised aesthetics within.

the animalic quality is from cloves, ylang-ylang, oakmoss, and probably musk, which gives the fragrance a realistic rural barnyard facet. That fits the jasmine in an old-fashion and decadent way.

This is the main theme but I’m lost for words to justly describe the liberality of floralcy of the composition. The flowers are left to freely sing their opera.

Photo taken from Flickr

Jasmin T is a heady jasmine/cloves fragrance oil with blatantly carnal aspects; just the way the flower blooms its intoxicating potion of lust every summer evening. It’s not typical jasmine. A unique species with white petals and a magenta/pink neck smells the same as the jasmine in Jasmin T.

Greatly plays on skin. It plays fully with all floral and animalistic aspects without hesitation. Simple, yet bulky, and monotonic, but deep and comprehensive.

I first thought it has moderate or low projection but then my wife passed by and said: “Hon, is that a jasmine?” Outrageous!

The perfume sits for sure in my list of greatest jasmine fragrances. It’s the epitome of jasmine. I hinder to tag it masculine or feminine. I’m not sure about the sexuality of fragrances and this is the topic I usually avoid to talk when it comes to jasmine.

Jasmin T has bold posh and suave features but more inclined to retro air. In a way, the indolic opening reminds me of Joy by Jean Patou.

jasmin t