Smearing Black, Inky Blue: Xerjoff Homme


The first time I smelled Xerjoff Homme was the days I was watching the Hannibal TV series. A great act of Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Lecter, emphasis on rich opulence, and obsession on details pair with abnormal murder plans. The show and the scent were in perfect juxtaposition!

Homme is just like Roman history: full of glory and full of darkness. Just as straight as its name, the scent shouts for dashing masculinity. It’s an exceptional gem.

Homme initiates with vibrant citrus and inky lavender that cooperates with cloves. This introduction immediately segues into black soapy and powdery leathery facets and the fragrance goes on towards dark bitter vetiver and leather.

Homme has a special way of leather. It’s hard to describe a scent in text. However, you can consider great works of the past like Knize Ten, add Persian indigo overlay to it. Now you’re so close to Homme.

Photo by Farbod Ghafari

Xerjoff Homme is the most Cesar-size leather perfume ever made. It has an inky, kinky, and cruel quality. A very potent leather/lavender/vetiver masterpiece.

The inky quality of leather registers for a petroleum-like aspect that reminds glory of Dior Fahrenheit. This heavy runner powdery leather accord gives me equanimity that the nose is faithful to the originality of leathery compositions.

The dry-down gets out of rigid leathery accord and amber and vetiver chamfer its angular edges. All in all, Homme is a prominent leather fragrance. Leather, lavender, and vetiver with inky black and soft soapy nuances.

Strong longevity, +8 hours of solid performance on my skin, plus huge projection with only a couple sprays.